Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is . . Part 2

24 February 2009

After getting a place on the Executive of the Knitters Guild then not getting a place on the Executive, it is now confirmed that I have a place on the Executive (after the AGM of 7th March).

Thank you all so much for your support over this fiasco.

If you’re a member of the Guild, do come along to the AGM. If you’re not, why not?



  1. May I be the first to congratulate you? (even though I’m not a member!)

  2. I’ll be there. I’m hoping to recruit a dozen or so others to form a Guard of Honor as you waltz in and out of the auditorium.

  3. Guess what? Mark actually has a cheque account. Who knew?

    So I’m re-joining today, I’ll even go to the post office 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to see you and K make a difference!

  5. OK, cheque is in the mail. Providing it doesn’t bounce, I’ll see you there!

  6. Will she enter under an arch of knitting needles? Could someone knit her a sash of office? If she blots her copybook, will she be cast off? (Americans probably won’t get that last one – it’s English for bind off).

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