Dressed To Knit

27 February 2009

Well, you asked for WWKIP T-shirts with David’s terrific logo.  And you’ve got them.

358993205v1_150x150_Front The cheapest way to provide these would have been to get a local company to print them but I’m not in the retail trade and it was just too difficult.  How many to order?  What sizes?  I’d have to fund these myself and frankly I’ve too much on my plate at the moment so I’ve opened an account with Cafepress.

Although Cafepress now has an Australian site all their goods are priced in US Dollars then converted to Aussie Dollars.  And with the state of the American dollar, this makes the T-shirts a bit more expensive than they would be if I’d sourced them locally.  I think the Cafepress ones are good quality and I believe the service is very good.  To make delivery a bit cheaper, perhaps you could get together with other knitters and place a bulk order.

So click here and look what’s on offer.  If there is anything else you’d like the Cafepress site to sell, just let me know.  It costs me nothing to list the items.   

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One comment

  1. Very nice! Good solution. I don’t think you’d get a local solution for much less; they’d charge set up fees for the graphics, and more per item for small orders, etc. And you could be left with dozens of t-shirts. So, again, good call.

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