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A Serious Business

8 February 2009

A return to the serious business of knitting, after the extraordinary (and time-consuming) shenanigans of the last few days.

Yes, I’m still knitting and managed to finish another Forest Canopy Shawl while roasting in the sun at Opera in the Domain last week.  I really like this pattern as it’s a great use of not very much yarn, it’s enjoyable to knit and the end result looks good. 


90g Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk  –  4mm needles  –  finished size (after blocking) 141 x 70cm.

Now I seem to have got the hang of that, I’ll look around for something similar but different (if you know what I mean).

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Older And Wiser

5 February 2009

Things I’ve learned in the last 24 hours, in reverse order of importance:

1.    If you ruffle a few feathers, you double the number of hits your blog receives.

2.    Some people are so rude, it’s difficult to imagine how they get on in life.  Are they able to keep a job?  And what about meaningful relationships?  I wrote a perfectly polite and concise reply to the stroppy emaiI received from the Guild yesterday.  The response I received this morning calls me ‘stupid’, which I find a bit rich coming from people who aren’t able to count backwards 28 days from 7th March!

3.    I know some of the loveliest people you’re ever likely to meet in a lifetime.  Last night, I received over 20 emails in 2 hours and they’ve kept coming all day today.  Lovely kind and generous friends.  Thank you all so much.   You’re probably not aware of what that meant to me. 

For those of you not in Sydney, the Gap is the name of a favourite jumping off place here for those who can’t face life.  In one email last night to friends I said that if they didn’t hear from me for a few days, I’d probably gone to the Gap.  The response: “Gap?  You’re going clothes shopping at a time like this?”  And off I went to bed with a smile on my face. 

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4 February 2009

I no longer have a guaranteed seat on the Executive.

The Guild newsletter and the nomination papers clearly stated that nominations closed on Friday 30th January.  I wrote to the Guild Secretary on 1st February asked that, as nominations were now closed, would she send me a list of the nominees.  That was then emailed to me, with a note saying that there was no need for a ballot.  I wrote my blog and put this news on Ravelry.

Today I received another email from the Guild complaining that I had put the list of nominees on Ravelry, where it could be seen by people who aren’t members of the Guild (I told you that secrecy was a bit of an obsession).  I HAVEN’T put the list of nominations on Ravelry or anywhere else on the internet for that matter.  The Guild also said that if I’d bothered to read the Constitution, it clearly states that nominations must be received no later than 28 days before the AGM, ie THIS Friday, not last.  Since sending the list to me the Returning Officer has received two further nominations.

It’s quite obvious to me that neither the Secretary nor the Returning Officer had read the Constitution either, or if they had, they’d chosen to ignore the election rules to fit in with a newsletter deadline.  But having received further nominations, they’d had no choice but to comply with the rules. Otherwise, why was I sent the nominations list BEFORE nominations had closed?  Incidentally, I believe the latest two nominations to be quite valid in accordance with the Constitution, and should stand, even though it may mean that I don’t get a seat.

The Secretary has also demanded that I “IMMEDIATELY” (her capitals) remove the post on Ravelry.

Frankly, I’ve had enough.  I’m not afraid of a battle and have been involved in all sorts of fights during my life.  I even ended up in the High Court in London once for defending the rights of an elderly woman.  Give me a good cause and I’ll do my best.  But this isn’t about justice and human rights.  This is about KNITTING.  This isn’t the International Court of Human Rights, the United Nations, MI6 or the CIA.  It’s KNITTING.

We were told that rather than whinge, we should nominate.  So I did.  But is this an organisation I really want to belong to?  Give me 48 hours to calm down and I’ll let you know.


Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is!

3 February 2009

A few months ago on Ravelry, there was a bit of an uproar about the Knitting Guild of NSW (of which I’m a member).  It’s too long and boring to go into in great detail but the gist of it was that Guild members felt that their wishes weren’t given proper consideration (letters and emails unanswered), that the Guild was totally out of ‘synch’ with 21st century life (membership can be paid only by cheque – no credit cards/internet transfers etc) and non-members just didn’t see it as relevant. 

They have a website and a professional experienced Webmaster but she can only do with it what they’ll allow.  They’re obsessed about secrecy so their policy would appear to be to give away as little as possible.  They have a very extensive (and free) library.  But they won’t have the catalogue on the website because non-members may see it.  (Yep, they may see it and decide that it would be a good idea to join the Guild perhaps).

I know a lot of knitters in Sydney.  Only about 10% of them are Guild members.  I think that should be of concern to the Guild.  So I wrote to them.  The reply I received (yes, I did get a reply) was polite but accused me of breaching someone’s privacy (I put the name of the Secretary on Ravelry so that others would write to her) and was basically told to put my money where my mouth is and nominate for the Executive. 

So I did.  As did two others who were singing from the same song sheet as me.  The AGM isn’t until the beginning of March but there aren’t enough nominations for an election so the three of us are in and there are other new members so maybe we can perhaps bring some common sense to the organisation. 

Or maybe not.  But nobody can accuse me of not trying. 

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I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again (again)!

2 February 2009

I’ve done it again.  Caught sight of a headline and totally misunderstood it.

AU is often used to denote Australia.  For instance, Australian Dollars are known internationally as AU$.  Our websites and email addresses finish with ‘au’.

So imagine my dismay (nay, horror) when I saw a headline on the BBC News website today which said:

“Gaddafi elected as next AU leader”

Bring back John Howard!

(NB:  Apparently it refers to the African Union)