Viva La Difference – No. 2

4 March 2009

In London, you’ll find double-decker buses.  In Sydney, there are double-decker trains.






I don’t know whether Sydney is the only place in the world with trains like that but I’ve certainly never seen them anywhere else.



  1. Is that train on the new rail link? Looks pretty spiffy!

    Do we still have double decker buses on the Sydney Explorer route? Come to think of it, do we still have Sydney Explorer? [You can see I get into the city a lot!!]

    If you feel nostalgic, I think there are still double decker [ex-Sydney] buses at Katoomba!

  2. Oh, my, I’ve never seen either one – and I’ve never even heard of double-decker trains! (oh, I get out so little these days!)

  3. Well, the rail transit in the San Francisco to San Jose area have double decker.

    And the Long Island Rail Road has double decker trains, too.

    I’ve ridden both. The LI trains look like the Sydney trains. In San Francisco the trains are designed so that the conductor stays on the lower level, and reaches up to the passengers in the top through a channel in the ceiling. Fewer seats, but easier for the conductor. And passengers can place items in a long trough-like basket that runs along the gap.

    Anyway–in the US, there are definitely double deckers. And, since I rarely use the trains in LI, I love going on them.

  4. The RER in Paris has double decker trains, and I think the Netherlands also has them.

  5. I love travelling upstairs on double decker buses, so I’d really like to try one of these trains! Looks fabulous!

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