And I Got A Badge!

8 March 2009

Yesterday was the day of the Knitters Guild AGM and by the end of it I was a member of the Executive Committee (complete with official badge!).  By default, that is, as there weren’t enough nominations to hold an election. I’d like to think that if there’d been a ballot, I would have got a seat but the words “branch stacking” spring to mind.

Anyway, I’ve now got to do the job.  Easy-peasy, you may think.  This is a Guild of KNITTERS.  500+ members.  19 groups around the State.

Think again.

If you want to read a great report of the AGM, right down to details of the sandwich fillings, go and visit WittyKnitter.  I think that pretty well sums up the occasion.


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  1. I was unable to attend. I have heard and read, and spoken to a particular person who no longer belongs to the Guild.

    The old guard are like rust.

    Good luck.

  2. And an interesting time was had by all!

  3. I chose craftfest over the AGM. I think the AGM would have turned out to be more entertaining!! Good luck in your new Committee post. I think you may need all the luck you can muster up. Forward thinking isn’t really welcomed. I’m not one of those sweet young things who think “everything is new” and the oldies don’t know a thing. I’m one of the old brigade who, hopefully, has moved forward with the times unlike so many in the Guild.

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