My Blood Boileth Over

9 March 2009

I’ve often been asked the very strange question “Are you in favour of abortion?”  Is ANYONE in favour of abortion?  I would think not. What the questioner means is “Do you think it’s right that abortion is legal?”.  That’s certainly not the same as being “in favour of it” as though you stand on a soapbox on street corners recommending everyone to go and have one.

My answer to this is that nothing I, you or anyone else does is going to stop women from choosing sometimes to have an abortion.  The question really is whether you want these women to put their lives seriously at risk or whether you’d prefer it to be a safe procedure, properly administered by medically-qualified personnel.

I’ve recently read here about a 9 year old girl in Brazil who was found to be pregnant (with twins) at the hands of her stepfather.  An abortion was arranged for her and now everyone involved – mother, doctor – is going to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  The Bishop in his wisdom has decided not to excommunicate the girl because of her young age!!  She’s too young to be excommunicated but not too young to be forced to give birth or, more likely according to her doctors, to die. 

If you’re a woman, think back to when you were young.  Can you really imagine what it must be like to give birth to babies (or one baby) at the age of 9?  What cruelty is that to inflict upon a child whose only ‘crime’ was to be the stepdaughter of an obnoxious man?  And why does the Church consider the lives of these two unborn babies to be worth more than the life of the little girl?

Make my blood boil?  You bet.






  1. Most definitly worth getting made about – although the thought of being excommunicated is quite appealing.

    I am for choice, it is for the individual to decide not a bunch of guys who are too rich and too far away from reality to decide. And what about the Pope who was succeded by his son?

    An how unchristian is excommunicating her family? and everyone involved??

  2. They haven’t excommunicated the man who raped her, I notice.

  3. Sounds like the case of the poor girl in Ireland that was unable to get a termination even though it was proved that the baby had no hope of living more than a few days post birth.

    And did you cop the bloody pope saying that the washing machine was a stronger instrument of liberation for women than the pill?

    I’ll give him an instrument of liberation….

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