Now Appearing At A Newsagents Near You

12 March 2009

After a bit of a fanfare, a new Australian knitting magazine hit the newsstands yesterday, called appropriately enough “Australian Knitting“.

The GOOD bits:

It’s a reasonable price ($9.95)

It’s on very glossy posh paper

It has “30 patterns to knit” (which isn’t strictly true – one is crocheted and one is made by felting pre-knitted garments)

It has 100 pages

It has a variety of patterns of varying skills

It has lots of articles

The BAD bits (in my opinion, of course):

It hasn’t been proof-read – lines missing, letters missing etc (though to be fair it’s no worse than some others I’ve read)

Despite the fact that knitters are often being asked what we want to see in patterns, our replies are usually ignored.  Where are the schematics?

I wasn’t quite sure how much faith to put in the accuracy of the history articles, after I read in one of them that in 1939 the UK and France invaded Poland!

The article on ‘ply’ will totally confuse a lot of people

Unfortunately I don’t have a desire to knit anything in it (which may be a GOOD THING I suppose as I have too much knitting on the go at the moment).

It’s the first issue and I’ll certainly get it again.  I tend to buy a knitting magazine 2 or 3 times before I give up on it, unless of course it’s truly dreadful.  And this doesn’t fall into that category. 

I certainly hope it will be successful – the more, the merrier.



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  1. To steal a line: “shall I or shan’t I?” I guess I’ll have to go into Penrith and look in a bigger newsagents; my local won’t stock it! Their knitting magazines all come from overseas – they don’t even stock “Yarn”.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Are you going to write to the editor about any of this?

    Re Poland: Why on earth has a knitting magazine got a history article in it? Let alone one which rewrites history? Or is it in fact a knitting article – the invasion introduced boucle yarn and the art of fair isle knitting to the Poles?

  3. Can you bring it tomorrow?

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