Computer Says “Yes”

18 March 2009

Good old Dell has done it again.  I thought I’d better check whether I was on the right track thinking that the fault with my computer lies with a memory board so I phoned them.  The computer is over 2 years old, I don’t have any sort of extended warranty or service agreement.  But this company is really GOOD.

The last time I called them, we’d just bought a new router (not from them) and couldn’t get it to work with my PC and David’s Mac.  The woman on the helpline at Dell didn’t bat an eyelid at the mention of a Mac, knew both systems inside out and had us up and running in 10 minutes.  Unlike the company who made the router who muttered a lot about not being sure we could run a PC and Mac through the same modem/router etc.  Garbage and we knew it.

So the man from Dell confirmed that this sounded like a memory board problem.  I thought at this point he’d tell me to consult the manual or get an engineer.  NO.  He stayed on the end of the phone while I dismantled the thing, removed both memory boards, then returned one at a time to test them.  They both worked so we can only assume that one had dislodged or something (he asked me whether I’d kicked it!  Felt like it a few times; never done it, I assured him).

So computer working but still he wouldn’t go away.  He made me test the internet connection, the speakers, headphones the lot, before he was happy that he could safely leave me with a working system. 

Dell answered the phone on the 4th ring, we were on the phone for about 45 minutes and it cost me nothing more than a local call charge (their support centre is in Malaysia).   

It isn’t often I rave about good service but on the 4 occasions I’ve contacted them since I got this PC, I’ve been SO impressed. 

Thank you Dell.  You’ve got my custom for many years to come.  (PLEASE don’t go out of business) 



  1. Wow! Old-fashioned customer service just like mamma used to get! I could almost switch myself! Now if you and Dell could just tell me how to get my wireless-ready [2yo] laptop to connect to the internet I’d be really happy! The laptop works when connected directly to the internet; the router works because the second PC is connected, but no way will the laptop work through the router! It used to work so well! *sigh*

  2. I like my Dells – have only had to call Tech Support once, and was pleased with the service. That strikes us as odd these days, though, doesn’t it?

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