Every Time He Opens His Mouth . . . .

20 March 2009

The Pope is currently travelling around Africa banging on about things about which he appears to be totally ignorant.  Apparently, the ever-increasing rise in HIV/Aids is of concern to him. BUT:

The solution lay, he said, in a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer”.   (BBC Website)

Well, we all need friendship, particularly if we’re desperately ill or dying.  But the SOLUTION?  I think not. 

And then we have this classic:

The Pope also warned of a threat to the Catholic Church in Cameroon from evangelical movements and from the “growing influence of superstitious forms of religion”.

Superstitious forms of religion? 

I wasn’t aware there was any other sort.



  1. I imagine he means nature-based religions, that were the norm in Africa before Christianity and Islam landed on their shores and showed them the One True Way. (Well, maybe there was more than one way in there…). They are soooo different from the religions of the book, Sally, I’m surprised you didn’t know that. Nature religions are based on a view of the world as being populated with many invisible all-powerful beings, that is handed down and never recorded as text, whereas Christianity, Islam and Judaism are based on the word of one invisible all-powerful being that has been written down before being handed down. A world of difference ::end snark::

  2. I always remember n Anglican high church funeral I went to when I had just completed Anthropology 101 as a mature age student – wow! I found it hard to concentrate on the service I was so busy examining the rituals.

    I flew back from Brisbane tonight and was paasing the time on the plane wondering: a) how does one address the Pope in a letter b) does he have a postal address and c) what are the chances that if I wrote him a VERY rude letter about condoms and AIDS – would he ever get to read it?

    Sadly, the very people who follow his erroneous and irresponsible pronouncements, are those who are most in need of scientifically founded, responsible advice.

    I was also thinking of suggesting to him that he should perhaps examine the effectiveness of his pronouncements in developed countries where education is widespread. I don’t recall seeing too many families with 8 and 9 children wandering around the suburbs of Sydney in recent years – it’s quite amazing that the rhythm method and/or abstinence became so reliable after the introduction of the pill – I wonder how the Pope would explain this – perhaps it’s divine intervention? or …..

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