If It’s 1972, It Must Be .. . .?

21 March 2009

In my Viva La Difference series, the comparisons have been between London and Sydney.  It’s been pointed out to me, quite rightly, that England doesn’t begin and end in London.  But Australia doesn’t begin and end in Sydney either.  What goes on in Darwin would be very different from the “Sydney Lifestyle”.  I picked those two cities because Sydney is where I live now (and have done for the last 6 years) and London is where I spent the previous 25 years.

However, I do totally agree with the London comment as I was always fighting that when I was living in England.  Overseas visitors who came to the country and never stepped out of the capital.  I think that’s a dreadful shame.  For a very tiny country, there’s a terrific variety of places to visit and I was always giving friends lists of suggestions.

I’m not a Londoner.  I’m not anything really.  But here’s a potted history to explain my “mongrel” background.

Born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England of a London father and Yorkshire mother (who happened to have been born in India). 

By the time I was starting school at the age of 5 in Derbyshire, I think I’d already lived in Hampshire, Somerset and Yorkshire.

Between the ages of 12 and 15, I lived in Swindon (Wiltshire), St Albans (Hertfordshire), Salisbury (Wiltshire) and Bletchley (Buckinghamshire).

I left home at 18 and lived in Bedford, Manchester and Edinburgh before moving to London when I was 22.  At the age of 24 I came out to Australia for 4 years, living in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Dampier (WA).  Then back to London where I stayed for 25 years, 24 of them in the same flat! 

From 2000 for 3 years I commuted back and forth between England and Australia, where David was living in Yuendumu (North West of Alice Springs). I married David in 2002 and moved out here in 2003.

I never know what to say when people ask “Where do you come from?”



  1. Epping. You come from Epping.

    This week at least 😉

  2. I love hearing people’s histories and speculating on the cultural and geographical influences that have led to them being the people they now are.

    Coming belatedly to your ‘post-a-day’ blogging, I’m in awe. I think it’s also interesting because it leads to a greater variety of subject matter and captures your responses to events of the moment.

  3. I’ve lived in 4 states in the USA, New Jersey, Florida, Delaware, New York, then Delaware again, and in there between Delaware (the first time) and NY, I lived in the Republic of Panama for 3 years (1980-83). My first husband was career military, and there was an 11 year period where we moved 9 times, including twice in one pregnancy!

  4. Whoa! Makes my life seem b-o-r-i-n-g.

    My parents moved into their first home just before my fourth birthday. Prior to that they lived with my maternal grandparents in Kentish Town [London – the only home my mum had ever known to that point] where I was conceived, six weeks on board a ship to Oz, then with my paternal grandparents in Seaforth [where they were living when I was born], then Mona Vale, Chester Hill and Willoughby before buying their first house in Mt Pritchard. I lived there till the day I got married, then into a caravan in my in-laws driveway for three months, and into our own home in Wakeley for 13 years, then here where we have been for 17 years!

    In the meantime, my parents sold up in Mt P 23 years ago, moved to a small country town called Bingara, lived in the house they built on one acre for 15 years then moved to a smaller house/property about seven years ago!

    I can’t imagine moving around so much just as you must find it hard to imagine staying in one place for so long [although you did it in London]!

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