Mine, All Mine!

22 March 2009

My prize arrived from the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bush Fire Appeal draw, organised by Serendipity.

A skein of Wollmeise:


 I talked about this yarn here as it’s SO expensive and SO sought after.  And now I actually own some.

It’s lovely but is it TO DIE FOR?  No.  It’s just lovely.  Beautiful colours.

Thank you so much to the person who donated it.  Prizes came from companies and individuals all over the world.  Mine came from a lovely woman in Ireland, who sent it to me with a delightful card.

Now, how long am I going to look at it before I decide what to knit? 

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  1. I’ve missed all the “hoopla” over this yarn but from your picture I think it does look lovely. I love blue and am eager to see what you do with it.

  2. A beautiful colorway!! I’ve only seen/felt one skein, a deep red that one of the guild ladies had. Yes, it was lovely to touch, but not so much to cause all the furor!

  3. I just got a skein (via an American friend who got ‘Campari Orange’ for me when she caught the Loopy Ewe with a big batch actually in stock.

    Having now seen it, I am glad to have said yes. It’s a beautiful colour. But as you say – still just yarn!

  4. Hmm! So not living up to all the hype then?

    I agree it looks lovely and it’s a gorgeous colour.

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