WWKIP – Sydney

24 March 2009

Plans for World Wide Knit In Public Day in Sydney are going apace.

We have a venue  –  the Bayside Lounge at Darling Harbour, where we met last year.  And it’s next door to the Exhibition Centre where the Craft and Quilting Show is taking place at the same time.

We have door prizes  –  courtesy of Australian Country Spinners, Morris & Sons and the new Australian Knitting magazine.

We have a competition prize  –  courtesy of Mosman Needlecraft.

We have canvas bags for sale with the wonderful new logo (top RH corner of my blog).

And we have T-shirts and messenger bags with the logo over at Cafepress.

Nearer the time, I’ll publicise it everywhere I can.  And ask you all to do the same.

So we just need YOU.  13th June:  1.30 – 5.00 pm. 

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One comment

  1. Thank you for organising this! The graphics and cafe press stuff looks cool too.

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