UFO Update

25 March 2009

I’m still on target to finish all my Unfinished Objects by the end of the month – but if anything can go wrong, it has done.

One hat finished for the Ravelry Colour Swap.  That will go into the post tomorrow (with some other goodies) so if your favourite colour is purple and you live South of me,  this one may be for you.

One hat finished for a child in Afghanistan.

One shawl taken off needles – I spent more time correcting mistakes than actually knitting.  Decided my heart wasn’t in it at the moment, so gave up.

One cardigan NEARLY finished for the Sydney Easter Show.  One buttonband to finish, buttons to sew on and ends to sew in.   I can’t believe how long this is taking me and I’m FED UP with it (and so is David – there’s a constant cry of “Haven’t you finished that yet?”).

I promised myself that the backlog would be cleared by 31st March.

And then I can find lots of other things to cast on (and I’m not short of ideas).


One comment

  1. I’ve almost got my UFOs under control! Except for those I’ve hidden away [started long ago] that I don’t know what to do with yet. I think they’re hidden in that mysterious place called “Frogpond”!

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