Now I Just Need An Easter Bonnet

26 March 2009

AT LONG LAST I finished the cardigan I’d designed for the Easter Show.  Well, no, that’s not strictly true.  When I started it, I hadn’t really thought about the Easter Show but the time went on, I hadn’t finished it, I’d promised myself I’d enter SOMETHING this year, so this cardigan became IT.

Unfortunately that meant I wasn’t quite as meticulous as I should have been but what the heck.  It’s finished and it’s wearable.  Not entirely sure that it isn’t mutton dressed as lamb though – but someone told me once that there’s only one thing worse than mutton dressed as lamb, and that’s mutton dressed as mutton.

Easter Cardi 1 Easter Cardi 2 Easter Cardi 3

Now the specs:  It’s knitted with Fyberspates Merino Tencel Sock Yarn.  David brought me two skeins of the variegated one back from England and kind Jen at Fyberspates custom-dyed the plain pink to match.  It took just under 400g and was knitted on 3.25m needles.

If it just gets into the cabinets, I’ll be more than pleased.



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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. At least you’ve given it a go, which is more than I can say.

    Once again, best of luck.

  3. Soooooo pretty! Good luck.

  4. The buttons look great and the colours are fabulous.
    I love the way the two yarns work together.

  5. Love the buttons – great job. I really hope it is displayed in the cases and even more!

  6. it’s fab and i love it!

  7. It turned out v lovely – well done.

    And I think of you as hoggett, not mutton! (Know the word?)

  8. Beautiful job – good luck!

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