The Postman Knocks

27 March 2009

AK Swap 4

I received a knitting goodies parcel today.  From the first ever swap I’ve done.  And it’s gorgeous!

It was sent to me by Nettie in Canberra, who I briefly met last year.  Normally in swaps, A sends to B who sends to C who sends to D who sends to A etc.  But in this one (and we didn’t discover this until the parcels started to arrive), we’re twinned with each other.  So I sent to Nettie and she sent to me.  Well, I hope she’s as pleased with my goodies as I am with hers.

First of all, a Market Bag, made from SWTC Bamboo.  It’s beautiful, it’s useful.  I saw it on her blog but didn’t know that it was heading my way.  Two skeins of Twisted Sisters Voodoo (50% Silk/50% Merino).  Stunning.  A notebook which was immediately put next to the sofa where I do my knitting (to replace the scrappy bits of paper I keep there).  Some chocolatey mints.  A scratch card (and when I scratched it I won another card, so there’s hope I may win something yet).  All wrapped in beautiful green silk material, which I’ve already decided I’m going to use to line a bag.  And a card made by Jejune, who was the person behind organising the event in Canberra where Nettie and I met.  I of course had sent Nettie a card from the same series in my parcel, but she probably hasn’t received hers yet.    

Thank you so much, Nettie.  A wonderful selection of beautiful gifts.  And they’re all JUST RIGHT!

PS:   I wondered why you’d started to read my blog lately! 


One comment

  1. What a lovely haul. The bag got my attention right away – it’s beautiful.

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