Another One Off The Needles

28 March 2009

Just finished a Baby Surprise Jacket for a baby in Afghanistan, where it is VERY cold in winter, so I’ve put a high double band collar on it.  This is only the second stocking stitch Baby Surprise I’ve knitted and it’s even quicker than the garter stitch ones.  (Note for non-knitters – stocking stitches are taller than garter stitches, so fewer rows are needed.  Interesting this, isn’t it?)

The knitting is slightly imperfect because I was experimenting with different ways of doing the increases but I don’t suppose either the child or her mother will lodge a complaint. 

Do remember that I’ll be once again collecting garments for the Winterwarm Project at the end of August.  All the items go to babies and children in Afghanistan.  I’ll tell you how to get them to me, or to the headquarters of the Project in Melbourne, nearer the time. 

Hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, cardigans, socks – anything to keep a child warm.  Wool, please.


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  1. What a sweet jacket! I’ve never seen a stocking stitch one but I’ve done 2 garter stitch ones. And your project sounds wonderful. My knitting group made infant hats for Save the Children last year. Very quick to make up.

  2. I’ve yet to make a BSJ, as my kids are all taller than me, and so are 60% of the grandchildren! But it looks like a quick and easy piece for some charity work – Yours is lovely, I’ll have to put it on my list!

  3. I found the increases on my one and only BSJ to be a bit of a problem too! I decided that part of the problem was my probaby-too-loose tension/gauge [had to put this last word to prove I could spell it!! LOL]

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