Phew! I Made It!

31 March 2009

It’s 31st of March, I said I’d post a blog a day and I did it. 

Despite all the shenanigans of the Guild, the knitting for the Easter Show, organising WWKIP, taking part in the Australian Knitters Colour Swap, being ill for a couple of days.  AND going to work of course.  March was a VERY busy month. 

I got lots of new visitors and 112 comments so far this month left by 35 of you – 25 in Australia and 10 overseas. 

But if you haven’t left a comment, you still have time to enter my Blogiversary draw.  Just say hello by midnight tonight (Australian Eastern Summer Time) and your name goes to my Random Number Generator (called David, as I’ve mentioned before).  He’ll pick a winner who lives in Australia and one who lives elsewhere in the world and I’ll announce the names on Thursday 2nd.  The prizes won’t be posted for about a week as I try to choose the gifts to match the winners – so if you’re not a knitter, don’t worry.  I won’t be sending you a ball of Aussie wool. 

Thank you for dropping by.

Note to Judith:  You’re excluded from the draw so don’t get your hopes up!  

Note to everyone else:  Judith hasn’t broken any rules or offended me any more than usual, but she’s my sister and I don’t want to be accused of nepotism.


  1. yipee yipee yipee
    congrats on all your achiements this month – including that amazing blud ribbon cardigan for the show

  2. and sorry I still can’t spell

  3. Well done. I woudn’t even attempt this.

  4. Guild shenanigans, Easter Show, WWKIP, the Colour Swap, being ill, going to work – Now you know you can do all that will you be carrying it on? (ducks)
    Well done 🙂

  5. Congrats on blogging every day. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

  6. I’m overwhelmed with admiration. I’ve been tempted to try blog-a-day – there’s a rather ghoulish fascination about being able to look back on a month of blogging – but I’ve just had to acknowledge I don’t have the discipline. But I’ve very much enjoyed your posts.

  7. Hi Sally,
    that was a job well done. The similarities/ differences made for very interesting reading.

    Good luck with the RAS. See you on preview night.

  8. I’m going to have to send something to Judith, so she doesn’t feel left out!!! Congrats on getting through a very long month – and doing it so well!!


  9. I read recently that nepotism isn’t generally to be endorsed, but it’s OK so long as you keep it in the family.

  10. Hello again, from Brooklyn, NY. Glad you got new visitors this month–congratulations. Take care!

  11. Congratulations on achieving your goal – it’s been very interesting reading! And I think Judith really should get a prize just for the comment on this post!! Gave me a giggle.

  12. Congratulations on makng in through March, life and daily blogging – I’m only just now catching up!

  13. Of course, that should have been “making IT through” – my brain can spell, my fingers can’t! LOL

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