Where Have All The Girls Gone?

8 April 2009

I thought I was imagining this so did a bit of a count-up recently.   Why is just about everyone I know giving birth to boys?  Among my friends/colleagues/knitting groups, the birth of a girl is a rare event – in fact it’s about 80/20 boys/girls.

Would any of you who have contact with kindergartens and child care facilities be able to tell me whether the ratios are a bit strange at the moment.   (Or is it just my friends?)



  1. Our library knitting group baby is a girl. My cousin (knitter) has a new grandson and another cousin (non-knitter) a new grand-daughter. A friend (knitter) has a new grand-daughter. Statistically, more boys are born than girls – ? about 105 boys to every 100 girls (or those were the figures back in the 60s!) but more girl babies reach adulthood (in Western countries – back in the 60s again). So maybe you’re just witnessing one of those statistical things that don’t actually change the overall figures – BUT then again, you may be witnessing a strange and worrying change in the birth pattern associated with women’s lib, or climate change, or junk food or too much knitting? or ….. contact 60 minutes – they’ll make up an answer for you!!

  2. Personally, I only know four babies born since January 1 – all boys!

  3. They’re throwing us down volcanos again???

  4. A few years ago at my church, everyone was giving birth to boys. There wasn’t a single girl born to people that attended my church for at least three years. It was at least 10-15 babies. I think its the water.

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