Show And Tell

18 April 2009

I’ve realised that I’m probably the only knitting blogger in Sydney who hasn’t mentioned the Easter Show.  And my cardigan was in a cabinet.

 Easter Show Cardi

Last year there was a lot of moaning because although so many of the entries were beautifully made, they were rather BORING.  This year was so much better.  Entries from really good younger knitters (and of course I don’t include myself in that description) made it much more interesting.  AND these good younger knitters won ribbons.

We’re supposed to be inspiring people to knit –  not making them wonder why anyone would bother.  Now if we could just get the Easter Show people to display them a little more lovingly (bent paper clips and fishing line just doesn’t do it for me  – though I was lucky; mine’s on a hanger with only one edge dragged up with wire).  And encourage more knitters to give it a go.  And persuade the Guild to get the Show to widen and change the categories a little.  Well, we’d be home and dry.

And now on to the crocheting!   The categories are very limiting and although most of the work was excellent, it belonged to a different generation even from mine.  As a teenager I crocheted a lot (mini dresses being my speciality!).  I may pick up a hook again and see if I can produce something worth entering next year.  So if you’re a crocheter, do think about joining me.  And maybe we can update that section a bit as well.

To those of my friends who won ribbons, congratulations!  They were all well-deserved (though some of you were robbed!). 

And a big thank you to all who joined our group at the Preview Night.  Over on the cake-decoration section, there were tears and tantrums, believe it or not.  The knitters, on the other hand, were supportive of each other’s work and genuinely pleased for those who were going home with a ribbon.  I think we’re just a nicer class of people! 

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  1. It’s really pretty – I WANT ONE!

  2. I was told that there wasn’t as much as usual in sone categories – knitted toys for example.

  3. Your cardigan looks lovely, And it was one of the only things in that cabinet that wasn’t either garish or knitted in bulky yarn or both. You wuz robbed!

  4. I think your cardigan looks fantastic. I hope to see it in person soon. The colour combo’s are beautiful.

  5. I also thought your cardi looked wonderful – it has such a joyful combination of colours. On the matter of the dowdiness of the display, I agree it’s awful, but I’m glad I’m not responsible for having to find a way to display such disparate objects in such a tiny and restricted space – and do it well. I think it’s a big ask – but one that should be answered.

  6. Let’s have a picture of that cardi modeled by the knitter? It’s beautiful

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