My Jerry Springer Moment

22 April 2009

We’d been hearing about the show for the last 3 years or so  –  religious fundies demonstrating in the UK and USA, and the BBC receiving the largest number of complaints (50,000+) in its history after it was aired on British television.

So when we heard it was coming to Sydney, David and I both agreed:  “Yep, that’s the one for us”.   And therefore last night found us at the first night of Jerry Springer – The Opera at Sydney Opera House. 

And we weren’t disappointed.  It was wonderful.  Superb performances – the singing was excellent.  Though I can only imagine the look on the faces of these highly proficient, experienced singers when they received their first manuscript.  “You want me to sing WHAT?”

The only downside for us was that we weren’t able to hear all the words very well – everyone was laughing in the stalls but in the circle it wasn’t always very distinct (we think the amplification was perhaps a bit too loud).  AND the people behind us talked through the entire first half.  But when they started again after the interval, David quite politely told them to shut up. 

This show ran in London for 2 years before touring for a year and is the only show to win all of the 4 New Musical Awards in one year in Britain.    Why it only gets 7 performances at the SOH I’ve no idea, but it’s a great pity. 


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  1. “This is my Jerry Springer moment,
    I don’t want this moment to die,
    So dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians,
    I don’t want this moment to die.”

    Fantastic show – opening night tonight and it went down a treat. Glad you enjoyed it Sally – wasn’t God great?

    Also the SSO has most of the Concert Hall booked up for the next 5 years so we were lucky to get a whole week for this show – its been a very intense production period but it’s well worth it.

  2. Yay for David – some people can be so rude!

    I’m glad it’s not just me; I saw a performance at the OH last month and didn’t catch all of the words – I thought it was jut my hearing!

  3. Isn’t it fab? Clare and I saw an early workshop version at the Edinburgh Fringe (so not the first version, but the second) and then saw it on the BBC and LOVED it!

    (As did Mum and Dad).

    Glad you had such fun!

  4. Ahhhh so jealous! Wish I was able to see it, but I totally forgot it was only on for a week, and this weekend I was away at camp…

    Oh well, hopefully I’ll get to see it at another place, another time.

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