Multi-Tasking in April

2 May 2009

I don’t JUST pontificate!  Sometimes I knit as well.  And so good am I at multi-tasking, that I very often do both at the same time.

In April, I produced a very warm jacket for a small baby in Afghanistan (to go to the Winterwarm Project).  It still needs buttons.


Then there’s been a “train-knitting” hat – same yarn, for a bigger child.


Then a scarf for me – a Leftovers Scarf.  Lots of scraps of wool I had hanging around and knitted lengthwise (350 stitches!)


And finally, most of a cardigan for me.  I should finish the second sleeve in the next couple of days and add a buttonhole band.


As the winter is starting to close in here, I thought it was a good time to use COLOUR – lots of it.  It’s Autumn here really but it’s certainly got quite cold lately – cold by Sydney standards that is. I’ve worn scarves that haven’t seen the light of day for 7 months or so and it’s spurred me on to knit loads more.



  1. oooh I like that scarf! Your colourful Noro(?)cardigan looks good too. Love the moss stitch bands – multicoloured yarn always looks good moss stitched.

  2. Lovely projects! I get so inspired when I see what other people have been doing. Too bad my job gets in the way of my doing more knitting. Ha! I did just finish a beaded scarf for my mum though.

  3. I love the colour. Bring on the colour! Gorgeous!!

  4. Lovely bright post!

  5. lovely colours!

    Just warming up nicely here, but missing the warmth of friends in Sydney 😦

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