Don’t Bother to Chuck Another Prawn On The Barbie

6 May 2009

Friends in the Northern Hemisphere assume that I spend the entire summer going to barbecues (I blame Paul Hogan!). 

But I’ve been invited to 4 in the 6 years I’ve been in Sydney.  And I wouldn’t need all my fingers to calculate how many times I’ve been invited to friends for lunch or dinner.

Now the OECD has announced that Australians spend the least amount of their leisure time (3%) entertaining friends at home of any of the 30 democracies they surveyed.

Phew!  That’s a relief.  David and I just thought we were really unpopular.


  1. Oh no, Sally. You’re not unpopular…at least not unless I am too! Actually, I was brought up with people having BBQ’s all the time…the good old “bring a plate” that you are so fond of. But I think times have changed.

  2. Where do you hide your valuables from a Pom? Under the soap… (The old ones are the best).

  3. We rarely get invited to BBQs but that’s okay, I’m a real homebody anyway. We do, however, have quite a few family-only meals from the BBQ.

  4. And some of us HATE BBQ’s. I’ll go if I really love the hosts, but would rather not breathe the fumes of charred mammal flesh on an otherwise beautiful day 🙂

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