I’ve Got A New Hobby!

10 May 2009

Many years ago, I used to crochet.  Far more crochet than knitting at one point.  My particular speciality in my teens was mini-dresses (AND I have a photo of me wearing one but at the moment have no way to scan it).

For some reason, crocheting has been forsaken – but then I went to the Easter Show in Sydney.  Wonderful crocheting – if you’re a Victorian lady (Victorian as in the British era, NOT the Australian State).  But where were the modern clothes? 

The categories for crocheting in the Easter Show are pretty limiting – the only place where for instance a woman’s cardigan could be submitted is in the Original Design section. 

So I’m trying to re-acquire the skill.  Started a few days ago with a very simple baby jacket (for the Winterwarm Project in Afghanistan (where I presume there will be no complaints if it’s not absolutely perfect).  Then I’ll move onto something for me.  Then I’ll try my hand at an original design.  I think that’s the way I’ll have to go with crocheting anyway as there are very few modern patterns out there, as far as I can see.  If any of you can point me in the direction of some great ones, I’d really appreciate it (though I realise that massive translations will probably have to take place if they’re American where single crochet = UK/Aus double crochet etc etc.  Quite confusing!)

If I can pluck up the courage, I’ll post the results.  If my crochet mojo really hasn’t come back, I’ll stick to my knitting.




  1. I noticed the paucity of crochet in the Royal as well and thought I might try to do something for next year.

    Interweave Crochet has some great modern patterns – the last couple of editions have been great. I noticed in a Yarn Forward mag I bought yesterday that the publishers are launching a new UK Crochet mag that promises “modern” designs, so hopefully we’ll get that out here too and it will live up to its promises!!

  2. You might want to check out designs by Annie Modisett. She does crochet and knit designs. There’s a blog, The Crochet Dude, that you might enjoy too. I don’t crochet so I’m not aware of all the resources but I do know Interweave has a Crochet magazine. Maybe googling for crochet patterns would turn up something.

  3. I used to crochet more than I knitted – mainly because its so much faster! But I don’t think I have my technique down pat. My hand hurts after a while.

  4. Robyn Chachula is by far my favourite of the current crop of crochet designers. http://www.ravelry.com/designers/robyn-chachula

  5. With all the crochet books I got for Christmas I should be able to help but they are more of the motif variety, except for the freeform [aka scumbling] book.

  6. Oops! It wasn’t Christmas, it was my birthday! I only got one for Christmas and that was crochet basics!

  7. Drops Design http://www.garnstudio.com has patterns in US, UK and Canadian. Also your compatriot Crochetroo crochetroo.blogspot.com has wonderful patterns based on Australian flora and fauna. Browse her archives. And hey, get David to talk about crochet a bit, OK? Good luck!

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