Well, I’ve Done My Bit

12 May 2009

Last week, along with most taxpayers in Australia, I received $900 from the Government, as part of their Economic Stimulus Package.  The idea is that we help the economy by spending it.

Not wishing to be accused of a lack of patriotism, off I trotted with $900 in my pocket – first stop, to replace my mobile phone.  Having a mobile that’s unreliable, as mine had become, is a bit scary.  They’re not much use if they’re not always working.  I met a very helpful assistant in the first shop I went to and in 10 minutes was the proud owner of a new phone.  Now what to do with the other $871?

Yep, I got a phone for $29.  The assistant asked what my requirements were.  “To make and receive phone calls.  Oh, and the occasional SMS.  That’s it.  I don’t need access to the internet, an MP3 player, a camera.  Just a phone”.  He wasn’t sure that they stocked such a thing but rummaged around the back and came up with the perfect one for $59.  I was happy with that and even happier when he took me to see the one out on display and we discovered that because most people are a bit more demanding than I am, it had been reduced to $29 just to get rid of it.

Having got the ‘essential’ out of the way, I wanted to go on to the ‘desirable’.  I had my heart set on a Netbook.  And as I’d found a very helpful assistant (and had done my homework beforehand so I knew what my options were), I stuck with him.  While all this was going on, I discovered he came from Bangalore so we compared notes – my parents were married there and I’ve visited twice.  He did assure me that he didn’t bear a grudge that my father and grandfather had both been part of Colonial India but he wasn’t very keen on the murdering.  I agreed that mass slaughter wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but my father HAD fought in Burma so had done his bit to protect India from the Japanese.  He seemed reassured with this and off he went to find me the perfect netbook – exactly the one I’d been looking at on the Net but $50 cheaper.

A good day.  I met a charming, funny and intelligent shop assistant, and came home happy with my goodies.  AND Mr Rudd would be proud of me – or he will be when I spend the balance (I’m not short of ideas!). 

Oh, and to name drop a bit, I’m having lunch next week with MRS Rudd (aka Therese Rein) so I must ask her to let him know.



  1. Well done, Sally. Isn’t it wonderful to feel virtuous when spending? I’ve done my bit too. I’ve spent my $900 in various country towns and villages in western NSW and Victoria. I felt trebly virtuous – stimulating the economy generally, spending the money mainly on goods and services that generate jobs (wine and olive oil products featured), and spending it in rural areas.

  2. I bought my iPod touch before the stimulus even arrived, $100 on yarn last week and went and bought an expresso machine last weekend (and promptly burnt my finger on it!) so I’ve spent well over half my Rudd money. Still deciding if the rest will be spent or saved for the house deposit.

  3. In the UK, we do things differently. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that OUR MPs spend OUR money for us… Saving us the trouble of battling round the shops.

  4. That’s my demands in a mobile phone too! No fancy stuff – I jsut want to make and receive calls and SMS [I have a 20-something DD]

    I haven’t even thought about what to buy with mine – something really special – a treat would be nice! I think WM is thinking about extra payments on the mortgage!! *sigh*

  5. You can let Mrs. Rudd know that we spent our $900 too. It had been earmarked to pay off one of our credit cards, but the computer blew up just days before the package arrived,(I was out at the time but hubby swears there was smoke and a big bang and a burning electrical smell), so naturally it went on a new one.

  6. no fair! – I want $900 too!

    I’m glad you are spending yours on stimulating the economy, Sally – I’m sure you will continue to do your bit ;o)

  7. I bought shoes, but in NZ – two pairs. Please don’t tell Therese!

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