This Week I Became . . . .

28 May 2009

A Professional Knitwear Designer!  Well, I’ve had a pattern published in a magazine, anyway.  I haven’t got a photo, because I’ve never knitted the one exactly as I wrote the pattern, but there are a couple of pictures on the Yarn Magazine website ( scroll down to picture No. 5 and there’s another shot if you click on it).  

Just about everything I knit is from my own designs because I got fed up looking at patterns and thinking “I’d really like that with short sleeves and a different hem. I don’t really like the collar and wouldn’t it look better in a finer yarn “.  It’s easier just to start from scratch. 

Whether I’ll bother to submit another item to a magazine, I’m not sure.  I found it a disorganised hassle and it took a year from submission to publication.  So when life gets a bit less busy, I’m thinking of putting some up for sale and free on Ravelry as that would appear to be a much easier option.  No worry about seasons, for a start.  No great time lag (knit it, write it, put it up for sale). 

But there’s nothing like the buzz of having it in print. 



  1. Congratulations, Sally. There’s something particularly wonderful about others recognising the worth of your work sufficiently to have it printed commercially.

  2. Well done you. Sorry about the hassle, but it is a buzz, I agree.

  3. Congratulations Sally!! I might actually buy it just to get a copy of your pattern. I used to work in publishing (boring tax books) but still a thrill to see your name in print.

  4. I want one! I’m so pleased it eventually actually got into print – it seems forever since you first designed and submitted it.

  5. OOoo, Sally! Congrats! It’s lovely!

  6. Congratulations!

    I really like the pattern too.. I think I need this issue of yarn.

  7. Hurray hurray hurray!
    How clever are you? (Answer: very!)

    I almost feel fame washing over me at several removes…

    It looks beautiful their way as well as yours. And you have so many good ideas, perhaps Ravelry would be a good space for them with more control and less hassle?!?

  8. Even though it may have been less smooth than desired it is still so cool to have your pattern published!! congratulations!!

  9. Oooo! Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations Sally, what a lovely sweater. I want to knit it. I live in Canada so the magazine is unavailable to me. Is it possible to buy the pattern from you?

  11. I really really like your design in this issue. It’s photographed really well too, don’t you think? I really like the drawstring detail – that’s very ‘on trend’ as they say on the fashion blogs.

    The yarn they’ve made it in is very pretty – I note you wrote somewhere that it is very expensive at Morris and Sons. Knowing how they charge I presume you can get it cheaper elsewhere? I may have to buy some!

    Congratulations – it’s pretty and feminine but not too fussy – lovely!


  12. Congratulations, Sally….Such a pretty girly sweater!!! YES please publish some patterns on Ravelry!

  13. Sally, it’s beautiful. Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations! I haven’t been buying Yarn of late, but I did get this issue today because of your gorgeous top being in it! Well done!!

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