Another Winner!

4 June 2009

This blogging lark is becoming a bit expensive!  Every year I give two prizes during my ‘blogiversary’ month which was in March.  And late last year I gave a prize to the reader who posted the 500th comment. 

Now it’s the turn of the 1000th commenter (and Judith, who sent in the 500th, nearly did it again – she came in at 1001).

But the prize goes to Whimsical, who is my friend Lien.   Your little gift will be on its way to you next week. I like to be able to fit the prize to the winner, and so far I seem to have got it about right!

Like all bloggers I would imagine, I love hearing from you all.  So keep ’em coming – but no commenting prizes from me now until I reach 2500, which may be some time!   



  1. As a new reader, I was surprised and very pleased to win one of your “blogiversary” prizes this year. I am continuing to read your blog and also enjoying your talking with David Reidy on his podcast. I hope you continue with your blog. Best wishes!

  2. What a lovely surprise Sally for Friday morning!! Thanks so much =)

  3. You’re a good egg, Sally.

    Just wanted to use that phrase, and thought it was true of you! Am sitting at desk in gap in day as GP. Can’t believe my lovely relaxed year in Aus was so recent! I do miss you.

  4. Right – here goes… Only another1496 to go. Your prize for my 500th comment (the dear little sewing box) is used constantly – it sits on my sideboard with reels of my most commonly used threads in, to save me digging to the bottom of my big sewing basket every time I need to sew a button on.

  5. Congratulations on 1000 comments and congratulations to Lien too!

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