17 June 2009

In my previous post about WWKIP Day and Expertise Events (the organisers of the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair), I wrongly assumed that David, the Manager of the Bayside Lounge, had been asked by Expertise Events to call them should any teaching take place at our event.  Apparently, this was incorrect.  I have been informed by Expertise and I accept their advice that Expertise played no part in what occurred and apologise for any distress or embarrassment which this may have caused to Expertise and the Craft and Quilt Fair.


  1. What a stupid muddle this has been. Draw a line and knit on.

  2. Some presumptions are easily made in circumstances which lead one in that direction.

  3. Hmmmm, yes …

    I really liked the last Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne. It was really customer-friendly.

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