There Is Lots Of Mistakes!!*

11 July 2009

I’m NOT a pedant!  No, really;  I’m not. 

I do appreciate that the English language changes.  And that accepted vocabulary and grammar are not the same in all English-speaking countries.  And that I’m not perfect in my use of English either.

BUT . . . .   I DO know that a plural noun DOES NOT take the singular form of a verb.

AND . . . .  I DO expect those who are “keepers” of our language to at least show some basic understanding of the ground rules.

In the latest edition of The Week (An Australian weekly news magazine), we have a full-page ad. for Penguin Books. 

“Popular Penguins  –  Now There’s Fifty More!”


*  Deliberate error – honestly! 


  1. ‘ON YA, Po Pom – you tell ’em – they take no notice of me!

  2. ooooooooops! PomPom!!

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