Explanations Needed Please

20 July 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald this morning had on its front page a photograph of my local newsagency.  The owner, his wife and I think sister, and two of their children were beaten to death in their home over the weekend.  It’s so wicked I can hardly comprehend it – and when I walked past the shop tonight where flowers and cards have piled up outside, I had a tear in my eye.  I’m not a truly hard bitch but it’s unusual for me to shed a tear over people I don’t really know.  At the moment, the police don’t seem to have much of a clue (that they’re sharing with us, anyway) as to the motive.  It wasn’t robbery. 

It’s cast a shadow over my whole day as my mind keeps going back to this poor family and the 15 year old girl who’s left behind (she arrived home from an overseas school trip to this news). 

The only thing that’s briefly brought a smile to my face today is a letter also in the SMH.  People have been sending in stupid or incomprehensible signs that they come across and this one is bizarre.  It was seen in Cabarita Beach, which is on the far north coast of NSW.

“Historic Site.  At this precise point, on the morning of 12 December 1927, nothing of significance is known to have occurred”.  And it’s signed by the Australian Landscape Heritage Trust. 

I look forward to the explanation (which I’ll pass on) that I’m sure will be forthcoming over the next few days.

But, far more importantly, I look forward to the police being able to explain to this young girl as soon as possible why her entire family has been murdered and by whom.




  1. This report was in the London Times today – I’d no idea it was near you. I’m so distressed about the young daughter who has lost everyone. I truly hope that this doesn’t blight her whole life, but I don’t know how she’ll begin to live with it.

  2. It’s sad and scary. I’ve always thought that Epping was a relatively safe area. I’m just concerned all this happened and that the neighbours didn’t know?

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