I Won A Prize!

26 July 2009

I have been VERY slack in saying a big public THANK YOU to Lyn for the beautiful prizes I won in the anniversary draw she held over on her blog. Today has been the first free time I’ve had to get the camera out and catch up on my “knitting photography” (at which I’m truly dreadful).

She gave me a gorgeous quilted project bag, made with her own fair hands.  I don’t own anything like that (sewing really isn’t my thing) and put everything I’m working on in plastic bags.  I really feel I can’t just shove any old piece of knitting in there but I’ve just started a lace shawl in 2ply Claudia Hand-painted silk which I think is of a quality appropriate to such a beautiful bag.

AND she also gave me a skein of The Knittery’s Merino Cashmere yarn which I’ll save for something else a bit special (particularly as the Knittery has now closed down I believe so I’m never likely to get any more).

 Gift from Lyn

Isn’t that just gorgeous?  Thank you so much, Lyn.


  1. Thanks, Sally for your kind comments. I really enjoyed making the bag and finally finding a use for the patchwork squares.

  2. What a lovely prize. Enjoy – that cashmere blend looks sumptuous.

  3. Absolutely lovely!

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