My Knitting Factory

28 July 2009

I’m quite pleased with my knitting output this month – items actually finished AND sewn up. 

First off the needles earlier in the month, was another one of these bias-ridged hats I’m so fond of.  This time in Cleckheatons Vintage Hues. 

Hue Hat

Then a stocking stitch Baby Surprise Jacket, with hat, for a baby expected in the next couple of weeks.

 Baby Cabrol BSJ1

And an Ishbel shawl – knitted with glorious yarn (the picture doesn’t do it justice).  Fleece Artist 100% Merino which knitted like a dream.


I also finished another item, which I forgot to photograph, and which has gone off to England as a birthday present.  It hasn’t arrived yet so can’t really talk about that one.

I’m not trying to open a knitting factory here but I also have a cardigan and a jumper on the needles which should both be finished in the next couple of weeks.  I do spend nearly two hours a day on public transport so at least I’m using that time productively.  

And I MUST sew up two jumpers I’ve knitted for the Winterwarm Project.  Don’t forget, everyone, to join me at Rosehill on 23rd August for a bit of knitting and chatting to support this great project.  If you’re knitting for this, and won’t be able to come along on the 23rd, just drop me a line and we’ll arrange another time for you to get them to me. 



  1. Such productivity. The Ishbel is particularly lovely – did you make the larger size?

  2. I’m so impressed! Love the hat, love the shawl and really love the stocking stitch EZ baby surprise. I haven’t seen it done like this before and now I want to cast on immediately!


  3. The surprise item waa mine, for my birthday. It was the shawl/throw I demanded earlier this year. Which all goes to show that if you shout loud enough, you get. It’s just what I wanted. XX

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