A Visit To My Local Brothel

29 July 2009

Oh, have I had a lovely day!  It’s my birthday so I played hooky from work and went out to play. 

First stop, the Zoo.  I’m not a great lover of the concept of zoos but I think the one in Sydney has got it about right.  It’s run mainly as a brothel for the animal kingdom.  Bring endangered species into the country, introduce them to others of the opposite sex and then sit back and wait for the babies.  As soon as they hear they’re being shipped to Sydney, these animals must be rubbing their hands (or paws or whatever) in anticipation of the pleasures that are awaiting them.  And the noise at night must be deafening.

On 5th July, an Asian elephant calf was born – the first in Australia.  And I really wanted to see him as I love elephants.  Unfortunately he didn’t appear to feel the same way about me and I couldn’t get him to look me in the face.  But isn’t he gorgeous?  His name is Luk Chai and his mother is Thong Dee 

Elephant 2Elephant 1

And this is his father, who has so far thoroughly enjoyed his time in Sydney as he’s fathered another calf (by a different elephant) expected in November 2010. 

Daddy Elephant

And this is what his mother and aunts thought of me:

Elephant 3

‘We did find time to have a look at some of my other favourites –

Gorilla with baby. a beautiful giraffe, a red panda, meerkats and a stunning peacock.

Gorilla 1Camel 1Red Panda 1Meerkats 1Peacock 1

And of course we finished with “my” animal.  I was born under the star sign of Leo and in the Chinese Year Of the Tiger, so if I believed in any of that rubbish, it may explain why I love cats, big or small.  

 Lion 1

And then a proper afternoon tea, but I’ll tell you about that next time.


  1. Happy Birthday Sally! What a wonderful way to spend the day. Great pictures too, especially the peacock – what a show-off!!

  2. happy Birthday Sally! I hope you have had a lovely day and that you are spoilt rotten!

  3. Happy birthday, Sally. Looks as if you had a wonderful day.

  4. Happy birthday!

    And can’t you actually GO to the zoo at night – some special deal or something. Think of the row!

  5. I’m so glad you took the day off work for your birthday! Taronga Zoo is quite wonderful, isn’t it?

  6. Happy Birthday! I love going to the zoo. My favourite part is the bird and the seal shows. Did you get to see those. And the otters… too cute for words.

  7. How lovely. I love the zoo. You are lucky: I haven’t seen peacock with his tail up since I was a child.

  8. Happy birthday, Sally. Looks like you really enjoyed your day :o)

  9. For my birthday next year, I want a baby elephant.

  10. Happy Birthday Sally!


    Your Pathetic friend….

  11. A very belated, but sincere, happy birthday!

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