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Not Even A Slap On The Wrist

27 August 2009

Today David did something rather naughty – he made an illegal U-turn.  The police were sitting in wait.  They pulled him over. 

A rather stern woman gave him a bit of a lecture, while all he was thinking about was what this was going to cost him.  She handed him a slip of paper. 

But it wasn’t a fine . . . it was a Police Union leaflet explaining that the police are currently not issuing fines because of industrial action.  I thought he was joking but apparently not – I found a story about it here.

We’re having a Fine Free period on the roads at the moment so if you’ve ever had a burning desire to do an illegal U-turn this is the time to do it.   



Dark Siren

25 August 2009

I have a really lovely husband – but most of you already know that.  He keeps me fed and watered (he’s a great chef) and he designs logos for me on demand (see the WWKIP one on my sidebar).  He’s incredibly supportive during all the scrapes I seem to get myself in to and full of wise advice (often of the “Tell them to F. Off” variety!)

He also writes.   And got a great review last week for a book he’s recently written called “Dark Siren”.  It’s a political thriller set in Australia, the USA and partly in a virtual world.  Metaverse is now serialising it.  You can buy the book (in pdf format) there or read the episodes as they’re posted (2 chapters a week).

OR you could win a copy from me.   

I’m going to give away copies next Monday to the best 3 entries I receive.  All you have to do is answer the following questions:

1.    Part of Dark Siren is set in a virtual world similar to Second Life.  What is its name?

2.    What is the name of the framed politician?

3.    What does the acronym AHTCC stand for?

You’ll be able to find the answers to 1 and 2 on the publisher’s website here.   Then tell me in fewer than 50 words why you’d like a copy.

Entries close at midnight (Australian EST) next Sunday 30th August. 

PS:  Clifford Wycliffe is David’s Second Life name.  If you’re a member, go over there and say hello to him and a couple of other characters from the book. 


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You’ve Done It Again!

23 August 2009

Yes – the knitting community of Sydney has done it again.  Come up trumps! 

I asked for donations of knitted and crocheted clothing for babies and children in Afghanistan.  And what did I get?

Well, first of all I got the very kind offer of an “Authorised Knitting” area at the Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill today.  Then I got the benefit of the advertising and promotion of the Show.  Then I got free transport of all the items to Melbourne (courtesy of the lovely Angela from Living Creatively)  from where they’ll be sent to Afghanistan.  

Then I got YOU!  And look what you donated:


And what’s in those bags and boxes?









I can’t thank everyone personally but please be quite sure that I would thank each and every one of you individually if I could.   

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Oops! It Just Slipped Out!

22 August 2009


Apparently I’m not allowed to mention the Guild on my blog but I couldn’t help myself.



Authorised Knitting

20 August 2009

I am SO looking forward to Sunday.  And if you’ve forgotten what I’m doing on Sunday, shame on you!

“Authorised Knitting” (and don’t you just love that name?) at the Stitches and Craft Fair.  I’m hoping the knitters of Sydney will gather to donate knitted items for the Winterwarm Project, gasp at some of the beautiful garments I’ve already received, chat and, of course, knit. 

I went to the Show today and, boy, what an improvement on the previous years I’ve been.  It’s under new management, it was well laid-out, stylish, lots to do and see.  Not very many people selling yarn but we can hardly blame the Show people for that.  Knitters have stopped going there so yarn sellers have stopped selling there.  We’ve got to persuade them to book for next year. 

Visitors to the Show have already dropped off Winterwarm clothes and I also have a large bag load in the car from the knitters at Epping Library.  Isn’t that wonderful?  So before we even start on Sunday, we’ll have at least 100 items. I was so thrilled when I saw these today that I had tears in my eyes.  As many of you will know, I’ve been subject to rather a lot of abuse lately.  I don’t take abuse very well and find it quite difficult to deal with. 

But here were all these people with hearts of gold.  I know there are good and kind people in the world (I number some wonderful ones among my friends) but it was very reassuring to see my faith in the intrinsic kindness of people well and truly justified.  If you read this and you’re one of the people who’ve donated to Winterwarm at the Show, THANK YOU!

To the rest of you, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  If you haven’t knitted anything, don’t fret – though I may ask you to donate a few rows to some scarves, or help sew up some garments I haven’t managed to finish yet.  But this isn’t a ‘serious’ day – it’s a fun day.

We’ll be on Level 4 from 10 – 5.  Come up the stairs or escalator, turn right until you’re at the end of the building.   

Look forward to seeing lots of you.

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Pompom – A Name For All Seasons

10 August 2009

Apologies!  I don’t think I’ve left it so long between blog posts and have no proper excuse to offer.  I’ve just been incredibly busy – work/Knitters Guild/life.

And apologies too to the recent visitors I’ve had who must have been sorely disappointed by what Pompom offered.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my trip to Sydney Zoo which has heavy breeding programmes and I entitled it “A Visit to My Local Brothel”.

Stupid me.  You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) by how many people Google “Local brothel”   And of course they found me.  The name Pompom may have also convinced them they were coming to the right place.  But pictures of baby elephants and knitted scarves probably didn’t quite do it for them, I imagine.

Spurred on by having one pattern published and the fact that 90% of what I knit has been designed by me, I thought I’d start giving away patterns and selling them both here and on Ravelry.  Of course, I’ll be Pompom Designs.  But should I ever be looking for another career (one that would satisfy my recent Google visitors), I suppose Pompom would be as good a name as any! 


It’s My Special Day

2 August 2009

I always miss out on these “special days”, usually Sundays.  Those that have been allotted by either tradition or, more usually, greetings card manufacturers to a special person in your life.  You know the ones – Mothers Day (nope), Fathers Day (obviously No), Grandparents Day (No, again).  I believe there’s a Stepmothers Day but as my stepson hasn’t spoken to me for over 3 years I’m not expecting flowers and chocolates any time soon.

But this morning I discovered that today is Sisters Day.  YES.  I’m one of those.  And I’ve got one of those.  My day has arrived.  At last, a day when I can be pampered.  So what did I get?

Unfortunately, Judith, our cards must have both been delayed in the post.

(PS:  There’s always Valentines Day to look forward to – I’ve got one of those)