It’s My Special Day

2 August 2009

I always miss out on these “special days”, usually Sundays.  Those that have been allotted by either tradition or, more usually, greetings card manufacturers to a special person in your life.  You know the ones – Mothers Day (nope), Fathers Day (obviously No), Grandparents Day (No, again).  I believe there’s a Stepmothers Day but as my stepson hasn’t spoken to me for over 3 years I’m not expecting flowers and chocolates any time soon.

But this morning I discovered that today is Sisters Day.  YES.  I’m one of those.  And I’ve got one of those.  My day has arrived.  At last, a day when I can be pampered.  So what did I get?

Unfortunately, Judith, our cards must have both been delayed in the post.

(PS:  There’s always Valentines Day to look forward to – I’ve got one of those)


  1. I didn’t know that there was an ‘official’ Sister’s Day. My sister and I have had our own private Sister’s Day in September for many years now. We send each other something beautiful and remind each other of how special it is to be and to have a sister.

    • Very interesting, Nettie.

      Please take note, Judith.

  2. My brother gave me the best sisters day present EVER.

    He left the country for 3 weeks. (If you have to live with them, this kind of break is a good thing.)

  3. Grandparents Day? Tell me when that is so I can alert my grandchildren. My children ignore Mother’s Day, although they usually remember my birthday. Maybe I can retrain my grandchildren to behave properly toward me. If I can be bothered…

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Sister’s Day, and the same wish goes out to Judith.

    (I, myself, am a Sister, but it’s unlikely my older brothers will recognize the day. They still think I’m probably about 9 years old and a pain in the arse)

  5. 1. I’ve never heard of it.

    2. If I had, I’m not sure I’d send a card. For anyone interested, Sally is the sister who, when she was about 6 and I was 9, told her teacher that I’d been run over. (Which was entirely wishful thinking).

    3. If you want to be acknowledged on Mothers’ Day, you can have my children – please…

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