Authorised Knitting

20 August 2009

I am SO looking forward to Sunday.  And if you’ve forgotten what I’m doing on Sunday, shame on you!

“Authorised Knitting” (and don’t you just love that name?) at the Stitches and Craft Fair.  I’m hoping the knitters of Sydney will gather to donate knitted items for the Winterwarm Project, gasp at some of the beautiful garments I’ve already received, chat and, of course, knit. 

I went to the Show today and, boy, what an improvement on the previous years I’ve been.  It’s under new management, it was well laid-out, stylish, lots to do and see.  Not very many people selling yarn but we can hardly blame the Show people for that.  Knitters have stopped going there so yarn sellers have stopped selling there.  We’ve got to persuade them to book for next year. 

Visitors to the Show have already dropped off Winterwarm clothes and I also have a large bag load in the car from the knitters at Epping Library.  Isn’t that wonderful?  So before we even start on Sunday, we’ll have at least 100 items. I was so thrilled when I saw these today that I had tears in my eyes.  As many of you will know, I’ve been subject to rather a lot of abuse lately.  I don’t take abuse very well and find it quite difficult to deal with. 

But here were all these people with hearts of gold.  I know there are good and kind people in the world (I number some wonderful ones among my friends) but it was very reassuring to see my faith in the intrinsic kindness of people well and truly justified.  If you read this and you’re one of the people who’ve donated to Winterwarm at the Show, THANK YOU!

To the rest of you, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  If you haven’t knitted anything, don’t fret – though I may ask you to donate a few rows to some scarves, or help sew up some garments I haven’t managed to finish yet.  But this isn’t a ‘serious’ day – it’s a fun day.

We’ll be on Level 4 from 10 – 5.  Come up the stairs or escalator, turn right until you’re at the end of the building.   

Look forward to seeing lots of you.

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  1. First in! Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else and knitting in an Authorised fashion.

  2. I too wished there was more yarn there. Just wish I could have been there on Sunday. Congrats on the final result

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