Dark Siren

25 August 2009

I have a really lovely husband – but most of you already know that.  He keeps me fed and watered (he’s a great chef) and he designs logos for me on demand (see the WWKIP one on my sidebar).  He’s incredibly supportive during all the scrapes I seem to get myself in to and full of wise advice (often of the “Tell them to F. Off” variety!)

He also writes.   And got a great review last week for a book he’s recently written called “Dark Siren”.  It’s a political thriller set in Australia, the USA and partly in a virtual world.  Metaverse is now serialising it.  You can buy the book (in pdf format) there or read the episodes as they’re posted (2 chapters a week).

OR you could win a copy from me.   

I’m going to give away copies next Monday to the best 3 entries I receive.  All you have to do is answer the following questions:

1.    Part of Dark Siren is set in a virtual world similar to Second Life.  What is its name?

2.    What is the name of the framed politician?

3.    What does the acronym AHTCC stand for?

You’ll be able to find the answers to 1 and 2 on the publisher’s website here.   Then tell me in fewer than 50 words why you’d like a copy.

Entries close at midnight (Australian EST) next Sunday 30th August. 

PS:  Clifford Wycliffe is David’s Second Life name.  If you’re a member, go over there and say hello to him and a couple of other characters from the book. 


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One comment

  1. Well done David!

    Can’t wait to read it (just starting as I write…).

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