Not Even A Slap On The Wrist

27 August 2009

Today David did something rather naughty – he made an illegal U-turn.  The police were sitting in wait.  They pulled him over. 

A rather stern woman gave him a bit of a lecture, while all he was thinking about was what this was going to cost him.  She handed him a slip of paper. 

But it wasn’t a fine . . . it was a Police Union leaflet explaining that the police are currently not issuing fines because of industrial action.  I thought he was joking but apparently not – I found a story about it here.

We’re having a Fine Free period on the roads at the moment so if you’ve ever had a burning desire to do an illegal U-turn this is the time to do it.   



  1. It’s a rare blog post that makes me laugh out loud in the silence of my own home.

    This was one of the. What a lucky jammer, and how bizarre is this strike!

  2. Hell yeah!!! U-turns for everyone!!!

  3. Ir would be worth my flying to Sydney just to cross a totally empty road against a “Don’t Walk” sign without penalty. I just cannot understand why pedestrians can’t carry out their own risk assessment and cross when it’s safe to do so, as happens in most other countries.

  4. I’m with Emily on this one. Laugh out loud funny post Sally!! Too bad I don’t have a car anymore….

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