And Sometimes I Knit!

15 September 2009

I DO knit – really I do.  I just haven’t actually FINISHED much lately as life seems to have got in the way.  And one thing I really DON’T do is photography. 

But I’m trying to clear the decks as I’m off to England for a month’s holiday in 3 weeks’ time.  So in the last few days I’ve finished two garments (and even photographed them but the photography is up to – or rather down to – my usual abysmal standard).    

First off the needles, my Juniper Jacket.  Knit to my own design in Bendigo Woollen Mills Allegro.  Have to say it looks much better on than off and I’ve had a few nice compliments from people other than my closest friends (who I can always rely on to say the right thing).


And the next one cast off is a Sock Jumper (cast on many months ago, I have to admit).  Again my own design (though “design” may be a bit too flattering a word – it’s just a short-sleeved jumper with slightly puffed sleeves).  Knitted in Zwerner Garn Opal sock yarn.  It won’t be the most stylish item in my wardrobe but just thought it was fun. 


You’ll be very pleased to hear that a good friend, who is a whiz with a camera, has offered to take the photos for any patterns I sell/give away.  So at least knitters will have more than just a vague idea of what the  item should actually look like. 

I still have a shawl on the needles but it’s something that just isn’t working for me.  Very simple lace edging but I think I’ve gone wrong on every row so I’ve very patiently frogged it back about 20 rows and am determined to get it completed before I go away.  I have close to 300 stitches on the needles so when it goes wrong, it really GOES WRONG.  But I’ve promised myself that it will be finished and shown to the world before I fly off in October. 

In the meantime, what about the Easter Show?  Planning has to start NOW and I have a few ideas but they’re just that at the moment.  I’m hoping to turn ideas into reality while in England.



  1. Lovely cardigan – I like the detailing.

  2. Sally – the Juniper Jacket is stunning. I notuiced it on Saturday and meant tos ay something but I guess I was a bit jet lagged and dumb. It really does look much better on you than in the photo. Hope you get around to publishing the pattern.

  3. I saw Sock Jumper on you today and I presumed it was machine made at first – then I recognised the yarn. It looks lovely on you and is a very classic design – well done!

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