Three Shawls

27 September 2009

I’ve just finished knitting three shawls.  Unfortunately, I only have one to show for all that work!

100_0321 100_0320

I’ve no idea what the problem was but I knitted many rows more than once, some 3 or 4 times.  I just couldn’t stop myself from going wrong.

I recently made an Ishbel shawl and liked the idea of stocking stitch with a lace edge.  But I didn’t like having to do increases on the wrong side (I kept forgetting).  So I decided I’d knit something similar with increases only on the right side and then add some lace stitches from a wonderful book  – Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn A Clark. 

I made sure the stitch count was perfect before I started the lace but at one point had to rip back 12 rows.  Maybe my concentration levels are just shot to pieces at the moment.  I wanted to make it bigger but as I was on a winning streak (ie I managed to knit four rows without mistakes) I decided to cross the finishing line early.  It’s worked out at 158 x 78mm  after blocking.

The yarn is Morris & Son 2 ply merino (chosen because it’s the exact colour of a dress I want to wear with it – a slate grey/blue), knitted with Claudia Handpainted 2 ply silk (silver grey).  I’m fairly new to this lace knitting lark and this isn’t perfect but I’m not expecting anyone to peer too closely!

Edited To Add: My clever friend, Emily, has suggested that 15.8cm x 7.8cm is a TAD small. OK, you’re right. It’s 158cm x 78cm NOT mm.


  1. Sally – it is beautiful – and watch out for both shawl flu and the lace virus it is very catching

  2. Beautiful, Sally. Such a lovely, subtle colour. I look forward to seeing you wear it, sometime.

  3. It’s very beautiful. Well done.

  4. I think it looks stunning. It might not be perfect (in your eyes) but I think the combination of stitches works beautifully.

  5. I’m loving it!

  6. Beautiful.

    Not sure what the chances are of Lyn seeing you wear it, however, as it is only 15.8 centimetres wide and 7.8 centimetres long. Have you shrunk to fit it? 😉

  7. Love it, so pretty. Wish I could put it round my shoulders

  8. Hello – my first visit – didn’t want to just lurk. Cheers!

    • Welcome, Marie!

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