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A Hefty Dose of Doctors

25 October 2009

My first weekend in England, I drove down to Bristol to see Sue and Dudley, very old friends of David’s (ie he’s known them a long time. They’re NOT very old). And whose parents live just close by? Emily’s of course.

So I persuaded Emily and Claire to make a parental visit while I was there. Funnily enough, Claire wasn’t mad keen on visiting Get Knitted but Emily and I had a great time. Sue also kindly invited E & C, together with E’s parents, over for dinner.

Sue’s a retired doctor, Emily’s mother’s a retired doctor, E & C are doctors. And a lovelier groups of medics you couldn’t hope to meet.

Emily misses you all I think. With a new job and a new house requiring lots of work, she hasn’t had much time to make lots of friends yet. And now she actually has to go out and work for a living is rather missing spending her days drifting from knitting group to knitting group, with the odd lunch thrown in.

It was great to see you both. I’m hoping that on my next visit I’ll be able to take up your offer of a bed in your new home.


A Pilgrim’s Tale

6 October 2009

On Thursday I’m going on my annual pilgrimage to England to visit my mother, who’s now 89.  A couple of days in Hong Kong, plus a night in Helsinki, on the way there, and 3 days in Tokyo on the way back.

Last year I had a dreadful time with internet connections – all my friends seemed to have computer problems simultaneously and on the day I went to a public library, even their connection was down.  Better luck this time.  And I’ve now got a netbook so if I can find a WiFi cafe, I’m all set up.   

One of the highlights this visit is that I’m spending a weekend with good friends in Bristol PLUS meeting up with Emily whose family lives just around the corner from them.  Should be a lovely weekend.  Also spending a weekend with my sister and her family and hoping to visit good friends and the rest of my family in London. 

I’ll try to keep in touch!