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Me (And My Head) Are Still Here

23 November 2009

Pressure of work after a month’s holiday PLUS a downgrade of my internet connection to dial-up while we change ISP’s has kept me away from my blog.

I promise (threaten?) I’ll return with a vengeance when both problems are sorted.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a bit of personal information that I’ve never shared with you all before. My mother tells me that a recent episode of Doc Martin not yet shown in Oz (it’s a British drama also shown on Aussie television) touched on the subject of a disorder from which I suffer.

I’ve never heard mention of it before and I don’t normally go around talking about it for fear that people will think I’m mad (including some doctors I’ve spoken to).

Yes, I suffer from Exploding Head Syndrome. And yet, it’s a real disorder. The neurologist knew immediately what was wrong with me (as apparently did Doc Martin when faced with the same symptoms).

And before you laugh, do consider what the effect on someone (ie ME) is to feel and hear that you’ve been shot in the head as you drift off to sleep. There are peiods of weeks when nothing happens, then it comes back regularly and I dread going to bed. But apparently nobody really knows what causes it, no harm is done to me and my head is still sitting on top of my shoulders.


It’s English, but not as we know it.

14 November 2009

They say that travel broadens the mind.  Well it certainly introduces me to some beautiful uses of English.  Wherever I go I find English that is perfect in every way but just not quite right. 

On this trip, I came across a sign attached to the back of the driver’s seat on the airport bus in Hong Kong which said “Beware of your hands”.  I’ve lived with my hands for over 50 years and they’ve never done me any harm yet, but who knows?

Then on another airport bus, this time in Tokyo – “Please tell the driver if you see a suspicious thing”.    I’m not sure what a suspicious thing looks like, but I’ll be sure to inform someone should I come across one.

And the Finnair pre-flight safety video tells me “If you wish to sleep during the flight, please remain seated”.  As opposed to?  Curling up in the aisle?  Climbing into the overhead lockers?

Maybe I’m just a pedant.  OK, I admit it.  I’m a pedant.  But I’m a well-travelled one.