Everything’s Coming Up Tatty

3 December 2009

Lots of work and two weeks with a dial-up internet connection has rather shut me up.  It isn’t as though there aren’t loads of things for me to rant about at the moment,  The papers are full every day with subjects that would normally make me rush to the keyboard.

Then there’s knitting of course.  I started what I hope will be my entry for the Sydney Easter Show next year – I started it, I ripped it, I started it again, 2 weeks later I ripped it again, and last night I gave it a 3rd go.  Will it ever make it to the cabinets?  Who knows?  But if there were prizes for the yarn used this one would win.  Knitabulous 2ply (laceweight) silk.   A delight to work with. 

And today I was introduced to a new skill.  A friend is an excellent tatter so I persuaded her to try to teach me – nothing wrong with her teaching skills but I’m not sure my learning ones are up to much.  I was going to post a picture of what I’d achieved so far but decided that the sound of laughter across the nation would put me off.    I’ll keep practising then reveal all.  Can tatting look tatty?



  1. Yep….

    Tried it, couldn’t think of anything to turn it into, gave it up….

  2. Heya! Bring it with you on the 12th and we’ll have another crack at it 😀

    The biggest hurdle I had was to remember that it really is only 1 stitch with 2 halves.. similar to knittings “only 2 stitches” .. everything else is a variation thereof.

  3. Tatting takes a bit of practice – rather like you had to practice when you first started knitting! Yes, it can look a bit tatty at first. Mine certainly did until I got the hang of tensioning enough but not so much that I unflipped the flipped bits. Good for you to try, and I hope you can continue while you have a live teacher (not there aren’t tatters in Sydney…). And yes, you can tat with yarn but it’s better with a needle or hook.

  4. It’s great. My friend Katie showed me how to tatt. She made me these great black snowflake earings for Christmas last year. I have grand plans to make a tatted choker (have a look on Etsy for something similar) when I have more time!!

  5. I’ve never tried it, only admired the work of others. At this point, I don’t think my eyes could handle the fine threads. Do post pictures, though!

  6. Oh yes, I have admired but I don’t need any new crafts in my life right now.

    Good luck with it and in the words of a famous English statesman, “Never give up!”

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