The Buck Stops Where?

4 December 2009

Parliament of the World’s Religions – Melbourne 2009 – 5000 attendees from around the world- $4.5 million grant from the Victorian Government.

Global Atheist Convention – Melbourne 2010 – 2000 attendees from around the world – Zilch, zero, nothing from the Victorian Government.  (Story here)

What is this Government obsession with throwing money at religious organisations, most of whom are not really short of a bob or two?

After the fiasco of World Youth Day (a Catholic Church event) in Sydney, which cost the Australian people something in the region of $160 million, and the disclosure this week that two ‘Church’ of Scientology schools, with fewer than 100 pupils between them, are to receive $1.6 million in Federal Government subsidies, I wouldn’t blame the rest of the world thinking that Australia is a country rolling in cash and desperate to dole it out to anyone who asks. 

But they draw the line at atheists, apparently.





  1. Would also be interesting to know if the “World’s Religions” include Paganism/Wicca.

    Surely there is a better way to spend this money?

  2. I recently checked in to RNS Private for day surgery, and you should have seen the look on the receptionists face when she saw “Atheist” as my religion. It was like I’d run over her cat.

  3. Ha ha Lara. When I checked in there I wasn’t as brave; I put ‘none’ They still asked me if I’d like a visit from a chaplain. And yet, when Narelle was in the Mater all those months no chaplain was ever offered to her. Do the Catholic-owned hospitals actually respect religious choice more?

  4. Ugh, that is SO typical and SO pathetic.

    When I checked into hospital recently I left the ‘religion’ section blank …

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