Bedsocks And Broomsticks

19 December 2009

Germaine Greer has done it again.  Written an article that’s stirred up a storm, especially among the knitting community. 

I hesitate to give knitted items to non-knitting friends but mentioned this week to a young man I work with that I’d like to knit something for the baby his wife is expecting.  His eyes lit up!  And the next day he told me that he’d mentioned it to his wife and she’d be thrilled to have something made especially for them.  That was such a lovely reaction from a couple in their twenties, I immediately cast on.

And as a Christmas present to a friend in Sydney, I’ve given her a card of yarn samples so that she can choose the colour she wants for a shawl.  She admired one of mine.  It won’t be a surprise when she unwraps it but at least I’ll know that she’s likely to actually wear it. 

Please be assured that if you’re a friend of mine, you won’t be receiving bedsocks in your Christmas stocking this year.


  1. I agree with GG 100%. But that’s because the few knitted gifts that I do give are really beautifully made. 🙂

  2. I can find GG rather full of herself and infuriating, but actually didn’t mind this little tirade too much – I rather agree!

  3. Hmmm…I knit for 25 people this christmas (one more hat to go)…and I’d like to think that I did a great job on each gift, picking a pattern and color/type of yarn appropriate for each person. I spent a lot time thinking about what to make for each person on my list. Not only do I love to knit for my loved ones, but I also love to make sure that they get something they’ll love and find useful.

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