Knit Out The Old; Knit In The New

29 December 2009

I was going to spend the end of the year showing you pictures of all the items I’ve finished in the last two weeks of the year.  But life isn’t like that, is it?

A Baby Surprise Jacket, knitted for the wife of a work friend.  Unfortunately, I forgot to make any buttonholes.  Will have to make loops for buttons I suppose – or maybe use press-studs.

A summer, short-sleeved jacket for me knitted in linen.  Back and two fronts finished (knit in one piece), one sleeve done and sewn in.  Unfortunately, the sleeve seams are really badly sewn so must unpick and re-do.  And finish the other sleeve.  And sew it on.  And knit some sort of edging – complete with buttonholes, if I can remember them.

A shawl for a woman I work for who admired one of mine.  She chose the yarn and I finished it yesterday.  Unfortunately,  I mis-calculated the size a bit and it won’t be really big enough even after blocking.  So I’ll unpick the cast-off and the border and do a few more repeats.

And my entry for the Easter Show?  Gave up.  I cast it on and off 6 times (350 stitches as it’s 2 ply), got bored so put it away to think about it.  And my thought is that I won’t bother.  It will only get finished on time and to my complete satisfaction if I devote loads of time to it and I’m worried that it will then become a chore.  I’ll get panicky that it won’t be finished on time.  And angry with it.  Frankly, if knitting makes me panic and angry, it’s not worth doing.  I’ve loads of other things I want to knit FOR FUN.   If I can come up with an idea for a smaller item that I may enjoy knitting, I’ll still enter.  If that doesn’t happen, so be it. 

I’m determined nothing gets cast on until at least the BSJ and shawl are finished as they’re gifts.  And there are at least 3 other items I SO want to start knitting.  But as you can see, misfortune has befallen me at every turn.  Perish the thought that it’s just plain incompetence. 



  1. Good for you. Knitting should be fun and enjoyable and when it isn’t frog it!

    Sending you good knitting throughts.

  2. I sympathise deeply. I also have three projects on the go that have all been disaster-ridden. I’m continuously torn between thinking I should finish them and just wishing they’d vanish. It sounds as if the BSJ and the shawl are manageable. You’ll feel good about them. But Easter Show knitting? I can’t even begin to think how anybody manages it.

  3. My mum never knits buttonholes. She sews the buttons on where she wants them then pushes a knitting needle through the matching band and wiggles it a bit! Hey, presto – buttonhole! Sometimes she stitches around them, sometimes she doesn’t! I’m not saying it’s the perfect solution but, believe me, it works! Knitting is very stretchy and very forgiving!

  4. I’m with you on the show knitting…

    And I seem to have ground to a halt after finishing a hat for C that was double knit. Which is VERY slow.

    Now I need to restart various UFOs, or find a lovely pattern for the yarn she’s spun me! (Greater love, etc).

  5. It can’t be incompetence so it must be the yarn! That’s it. Blame it on the wool!

  6. I’m brill at doing buttonholes. It’s all that knitting round them that’s hard work. If you let me know the size of the buttons, I’ll send you an envelope full of holes to match.

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