2009 Came And Went . . .

1 January 2010

And what did I ACHIEVE?

In terms of knitting, not a great deal though I seemed to do loads of it.  I’m a bit slack at taking photos of everything I make and I don’t record everything on Ravelry (Note to self:  Must be better organised about it this year).


1.     I DID eventually get to finish something for the Easter Show – not particularly well-knitted and I didn’t win anything but it was a thrill to see it in the cabinets.

2.     I DID get my first pattern published in Yarn Magazine.

3.     I DID knit 4 other items for myself from my own designs (well, 5 actually, but one had to be completely frogged!).

4.     I DID organise a really good WWKIP Day (though a bit immodest of me to say so myself!)

5.     I DID organise a pretty good collection for WinterWarm – with the help of the Stitches and Craft Show and all you lovely people, we collected nearly 200 items.

And failures?

1.     I didn’t try enough of the great new patterns out there.  As soon as I finish what’s on the needles at the moment, I’ve got two new ones lined up. 

2.     I didn’t get my own patterns up on Ravelry and my blog.  That will be rectified shortly I hope – in fact, as I type, David is designing the layout of my pattern sheet.

3.     Biggest failure?  Won’t mention here but UOTO know what I’m talking about!  (Sorry to be cryptic.  If you’re in UOTO, you’ll know what I mean!) 

This year:

1.     Nothing for the Easter Show as I can’t get it together in time.  But I’ve been invited to do the Sticks and String commentary again, which was great fun.

2.     WWKIP Day has been left in my hands again and I’m hoping to make it even bigger and better.

3.     I have TWO collections for WinterWarm this year – February and August (watch this space).

4.     I have beautiful yarn coming out of my ears and wonderful patterns I want to knit.  That is a great combination for any knitter and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in

5.     Message to UOTO:  Will try again this year.  I’ve given it my best shot and if I don’t succeed, I give up.

Happy New Year to you all!



  1. I’m looking forward to your Easter Show commentary on Sticks and String again. I sure enjoyed it last year!

  2. I’m really curious about UOTO!! LOL

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