Winterwarm 2010

10 January 2010

It’s difficult to imagine, while I’m trying to type this in the current heatwave (it’s about 32C today) that there are people in the world suffering serious ill-effects from icy cold weather – the most serious, of course, being death.  So it’s not easy to ask you to think about knitting for very cold babies and children in Afghanistan.  But here goes!

This year I’ll be collecting again for the Winterwarm Project, sending knitted clothing to Afghanistan for distribution by the Save The Children Fund.  Last year, we held a very successful event at the Stitches and Craft Show in August and collected 191 items.

In 2010, there are TWO Stitches and Craft Shows at Rosehill Racecourse and those wonderful folk at Living Creatively have invited us back.  

The first one is being held on Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th February, from 10-5.  The Show runs from the 10th but we’ll only be there for the weekend.  So if you’ve visiting the show over the weekend (and frankly you’d be stupid to miss it), this is a wonderful opportunity to sit down and knit for a while.  If you haven’t brought any knitting with you, don’t worry – I’ll find you a scarf you can help complete.  If you can’t stay to knit, that’s a pity – but you can drop garments off to me then.  We collect hats, scarves, gloves, socks, jumpers, cardigans and blankets.  Knitted in wool, please.

Do remember – this ISN’T a competition.  ONE hat for a child may be all that is needed to save a life.  Knit 20 if you have the time and inclination.  But just one will do.

I find it a good opportunity to try something different – a pattern or technique.  I was a bit embarrassed about a hat I knitted which had a bit of a ‘jog’ in the stripes.  As was quite rightly pointed out to me, the hat was warm, did the job it was created for, and no Afghanistan mother is going to complain that the knitting isn’t quite as perfect as you would wish.  

Look forward to seeing LOADS of you there.   


  1. Although we’ve only got down to -6*C I can feel how much the hats and scarves are needed even at these feebley low temperatures! Fingers went numbe taking 9 photos at our house Friday morning.

    I’ll try to find somewhere here I can get hats off to Afghanistan so I’m joiing in in spirit, at least.

    • If you find an organisation in England that accepts warm baby clothes, please would you post it, Emily? I’m at a loose end just now and could get going on something. It’s been -8C here in Surrey, and it’s been heartbreaking to hear stories of families in the UK who can’t afford to heat their homes for themselves and their children.

  2. I’ll be there 🙂

  3. I’d like to participate. Is it okay if the wool is blended with 20% nylon?

  4. Thank goodness I have found you again. The winter warm website is no longer and had so wanted to make some things for you. I have 5 blankets for you. One work colleague gave me her knitted squares to sew together and then donate to you. This made 2 blankets. Another colleague and a demon knitter helped my knit some squares. Actually she ended up knitting most of the squares while I sewed in the ends and sewed the squares together.

    • I tried to email you, Karen, but the email bounced back.

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