First Off The Needles . . . .

28 January 2010

Well, that’s cheating really.  This was cast on in 2009 – and cast off in 2009.  But it was too small.

So I frogged the border, did a few more repeats and re-knitted the border.  And cast it off in 2010 . . . so I think it qualifies.

I’ve knitted it for a friend who wanted a cotton shawl for a cruise and as I never know what to get her for Christmas (or her birthday in January), I asked her to choose the design and the yarn.  Rather considerately for me, she chose Bendigo 4ply Cotton so it didn’t exactly break the bank ($12 for 200g and the shawl used 120g).  And she likes it.  So success all round.


My second FO for 2010 came off the needles on Tuesday so I’ve got off to a flying start.  Pictures and details in the next few days.


  1. It’s lovely – and how wonderful to have someone willing to make it so easy for you!

    I have a baby blanket on the needles – it’s being knitted in Bendigo Luxury; it’s so nice to knit with. Can’t blog about it because DD reads my blog.

  2. How fortunate your friend is to receive this – it’s lovely. Light cotton shawls are perfect for Sydney summers.

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