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From The Horse’s Mouth

23 February 2010

According to the Australian Electoral Commission, the definition of ‘nominate’ is:

“To nominate is to declare an intention of standing as a candidate in an election.  The nomination is lodged with the Returning Officer by a predetermined date.”

So the date I signed the form, along with my proposer and seconder, was the date I declared my intention of standing as a candidate; in other words, it was the nomination date. 

Then how about this:

“Where the Returning Officer finds that a nomination is or may be defective, the Returning Officer shall, before rejecting the nomination, notify the person concerned of the defect and where practicable, give the person the opportunity of remedying the defect or providing further information in support of the nomination, within a period of not less than seven days after being notified. 

Where the Returning Officer has notified a person of a defective nomination, and where that person has remedied the defect and advised the Returning Officer within the time prescribed by the Returning Officer, the Returning Officer shall accept the nomination.”  

Of course there is always the possibility that the Australian Electoral Commission just doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

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And That Would Have Made 4!

20 February 2010

I had to turn down an invitation yesterday to meet Kevin Rudd (for overseas readers – he’s our Prime Minister).  I was working so couldn’t go but David went along.

I would have liked to have added him to the list of Australian Prime Ministers I’ve met – Bob Hawke, Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam.  Not bad considering I’ve lived here for 7 years, plus 4 years in the 1970’s.

Funnily enough, I haven’t met John Howard though he was my own MP until 2 years ago.

I mentioned to a woman I work with that I’d met a number of Aussie PM’s – I mentioned Bob Hawke but she’d never heard of him.  She’s in her late 20’s, excellent job, university educated.  I wasn’t sure exactly when he was PM but I said I thought it was some time in the early 80’s. (I didn’t live in Australia then)   Her reply: “Well, that was a bit before my time”.

Chamberlain was a bit before my time, as were Gladstone and Pitt The Younger but I’ve HEARD of them.  And Bob Hawke is still alive.  Coincidentally, the day after our conversation, his picture was on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (“ex Prime Minister, Bob Hawke”) attending some event. 

And if we’re talking Aussie PM’s, I could list at least another 5 off the top of my head – Keating, Chifley, Holt, Curtin and could anyone really not have heard of Menzies?  I didn’t dare ask her.  He was the PM when I was a child in England and had died long before I came to Australia for the first time. 

What happened to “Education, education, education”?



It’s Official!

14 February 2010

The official list of candidates for election for the Guild Executive is now on the Guild website and the printed copies winging their way by snail mail to the members – and my name isn’t on it.  In their wisdom (?), the Guild has decided that 3 of the nominations aren’t valid.  Not very simple to explain, but I’ll try:

1.   Nominations had to be with the Returning Officer by 29th January.

2.   Membership fees are due on 1st January but members have until 28th February to renew.

3.   The Nomination Form states:  “A nomination form must be signed by the Nominee, the Nominator and Seconder, who should all be financial members at the date of nomination”.

4.   My form was signed and submitted on 12th December.

5.   My seconder didn’t pay her 2010 membership subscription until the beginning of February.

As far as I was concerned, everyone on my form was a financial member at the date of nomination – 12th December.  A majority of the Guild Executive interpreted the date of nomination as 29th January.  I’m out.  One candidate has resigned from the Guild and the Executive in protest and once again, no ballot will be held as there are the same number of nominees (9) as places.

The AGM should be fun!


Apologies, Apologies!

9 February 2010

I’ve just realised that I haven’t told you all, in case you haven’t already heard through the grapevine, that the Stitches and Craft Show has been deferred.  So if you were thinking of travelling to Rosehill Racecourse this weekend, PLEASE DON’T.

BUT do put in your diaries Saturday and Sunday 17th/18th April.   Please bring along any donations or just turn up with your knitting. Or just turn up (and we’ll find you something to knit if you fancy that).

Stitches and Craft Show, Australian Technology Park, Sydney.  The show runs from 14th – 18th April with the Authorised Knitting section set up very kindly by Angela for us on the Saturday and Sunday. Please note the new venue.

Look forward to seeing lots of you.



All Shades of Grey

7 February 2010

It’s being suggested that kicking the troublemakers (trans:  reformers/modernisers/believers in the democratic process) out of the Guild would be a win for Grey Power. 

They just don’t really get it. 

This isn’t an AGE issue.  I’ve had lovely emails and calls from elderly members of the Guild (yes – emails!  From older members of our society.) and I’ve come across younger members who want us to stay in our time capsule,   A number of members who were very vocal about the credit card issue (the Guild won’t take them) were over 70 – but credit cards have been a currency for some 30 years now (they’re older than the Guild itself). 

Some of the older members look at the younger ones with pride that so many young people are taking such an interest in THEIR craft.  They encourage them, teach them (and learn from them too) and are happy that knitting is safe in the hands of another generation. 

But apparently there are those who’d rather see the Guild die along with the founding members rather than acknowledge that knitters under 40 (or in my case, 60) may have something to offer.   

I thought Grey Power was about telling the world that you may have grey hair but you’re still an intelligent, functioning member of society not just sitting on the sidelines waiting to die.

Grey Power isn’t the issue here.  I think it’s more a question of Grey Matter. 

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Some Interesting Reading

6 February 2010

Welcome to blogland, Jenny.  Do pop over and say Hello to her . . . it’s a very interesting read.

You could also drop in on Atholie, who has just resurrected her own blog.  More fascinating tales. 

Happy Reading!


Knock, Knock . . . Is There ANYONE There?

6 February 2010

Question:  How many lawyers does it take to give a legal ruling on a Knitters Guild Nomination Form?

Answer:    FIVE

We all know that if you ask two lawyers the same question, you’re likely to get two different answers.

So how did the 5 lawyers I consulted rule?

No. 1:         For me

No. 2:         For me

No. 3:         For me

No. 4:         For me

No. 5:         For me

I think we can sense a pattern here.

And how did the Guild rule?  Against me!

Further details to follow.