All Shades of Grey

7 February 2010

It’s being suggested that kicking the troublemakers (trans:  reformers/modernisers/believers in the democratic process) out of the Guild would be a win for Grey Power. 

They just don’t really get it. 

This isn’t an AGE issue.  I’ve had lovely emails and calls from elderly members of the Guild (yes – emails!  From older members of our society.) and I’ve come across younger members who want us to stay in our time capsule,   A number of members who were very vocal about the credit card issue (the Guild won’t take them) were over 70 – but credit cards have been a currency for some 30 years now (they’re older than the Guild itself). 

Some of the older members look at the younger ones with pride that so many young people are taking such an interest in THEIR craft.  They encourage them, teach them (and learn from them too) and are happy that knitting is safe in the hands of another generation. 

But apparently there are those who’d rather see the Guild die along with the founding members rather than acknowledge that knitters under 40 (or in my case, 60) may have something to offer.   

I thought Grey Power was about telling the world that you may have grey hair but you’re still an intelligent, functioning member of society not just sitting on the sidelines waiting to die.

Grey Power isn’t the issue here.  I think it’s more a question of Grey Matter. 

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  1. Making this into an age issue silliness. I suppose that shouldn’t surprise us…

  2. They don’t want to have to have an urgent EC meeting, to sort this out because they’re too busy to do the job, but they also don’t want anyone else to do the job. HHHMMMMMM????
    Too too busy

  3. Ever since her first meeting, DD has lovingly referred to Guild Meetings as “Granny’s Club”! She still attends regularly and is treated very well by everyone, even though she is one of the youngest in the group.

  4. I’m past grey – white in fact!
    AND I’m nearly 66.
    AND I was labelled a “troublemaker” long before I resigned from the Guild – in protest and despair.
    AND there was talk of trying to expel me from the Guild.

    When “old Guild members” are referred to, it means “longtime” rather than “long in the tooth”.

    Age has nothing to do with it.
    It’s a state of mind -openess to progress that inherently involves change.

    It’s about respect for due process in policy and procedures.
    It’s about respect and tolerance for our fellow members.
    It’s about not tolerating bullying.
    It’s about caring for the community of knitters that come under the banner of the “Knitters Guild”.
    It’s NOT about them and us.

  5. Just wondering whether I perhaps should not have dyed my hair a couple of weeks back to hide my increasing greyness?!! 🙂
    Vanity! vanity!…

  6. I’ve had over 30 years experience of the voluntary sector in many of its manifestations (good, bad and indifferent)and I’m utterly baffled, even at a distance, by this organisation.

    Do they never look at other, thriving, groups, of whatever enthusiasm, and think that the Knitters’ Guild just isn’t keeping up? Or more importantly that it isn’t serving those who put their hard-earned money into membership?

    They seem far more concerned about protocols (which are important, of course) than their reason for existing. Inward-looking, insular, neglectful of their duties to members, arrogant and petty – it’s a lethal combination and can only lead to what one hopes is an early death. Perhaps then those who are genuinely passionate about their skills and the knitting community at large can start something that is vibrant, relevant and that WORKS for its members.

    • JudithO, Your comment goes straight to the heart of the matter.

      Up until now, I’ve never been in favour of a breakaway group – the moves on Ravelry some time ago came to nothing – I guess because it’s the same old story – everyone wants things but not many are prepared to put up their hands and be counted. It would be much better to get the existing group to function in a fair and democratic manner, becoming, as you say so well, “vibrant, relevant and (working for its members)”.

      Even if the current elections go ahead as is, I believe that change will eventually come – however, the question is, “at what cost?”.

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